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Sunday, 14 April 2013

40's movie star mumma

I don't know anyone who loves old movies more than my mum, so today I decided to transform her into a glamorous actress, right out of the 1940's.

I have done the 1950's Hollywood glamour look, and from researching into the makeup of the earlier  decades of the twentieth century, many techniques/styles are pretty similar. One of the main distinctions between them though, are the hair styles, so for this look a added a quick updo to differentiate it.

I started by applying primer and Nars foundation all over the face, adding light Collection 2000 concealer to highlight (an amazing cheap concealer - highly recommend!) and blending before setting with Mac pressed powder. I then contoured the cheekbones, temples and hairline with Nars Laguna bronzer before adding Bourjois blusher in "Frosted Rose" and blended all with my large powder brush.


I used a light brown shadow to fill in and darken the brows and then added a similar shade to the outer corners of the eye. One of the main characteristics of this look is the back winged eyeliner so I added this with my Maybelline gel liner. I then added some black eyeshadow over this to darken further and get as close to the lash line as possible. I added a very light shadow underneath the brows and in the inner corner of the eyes. I lined the bottom waterline with white pencil and coated the lashes in lots of mascara. My mum has SUCH lovely long lashes so at first I didn't put any false lashes on, but to add that final touch of glamour, I decided to add these also. I finished the makeup with some rich red lipstick and a beauty spot.

For the hair, ideally I would have used a couple of rollers but I don't have any so I had to improvise and backcomb to add volume and then take two front sections and roll from the ends up, pinning to hold in place. I simply curled under the back hair and used some hairspray to keep in place.

This look really suits my mum and I thought she looked beautiful. I have a feeling I will be doing this again soon for her next evening out!

Thanks for letting me experiment on your face mumma! x

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