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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Paint, powder and rock 'n' roll

After joking about how my swirly black pattern ended up looking a bit like a face tattoo, I realised I hadn't considered trying out a "rocky" look (as in a fan of rock music, not Sylvester Stallone, may save that for another time though). I had done a couple of quite detailed makeup looks over the weekend so I decided this would be an ideal Sunday evening experiment that hopefully, wasn't too tricky...

For this I googled the standard "goth"/ "emo"/ "rock" images for inspiration and there are some really awesome styles out there. I'm hoping to try a really gothic look soon but chose to keep it relatively simple for my first trial and see how it went!

I used my lightest concealer as my foundation as this typical look is very pale skin with mostly black eyes and dark lips. I set this with a pale powder and used a slightly darker one to contour lightly where I would usually and blended with a large powder brush.

I then used black liquid eye liner to shape and fill in my brows. I made these longer and thicker than I would usually just to make them more drastic and gothic looking. I neatened the edges with a small blender brush and concealer. I then applied black khol liner to both the bottom and top waterlines and created a drastic flick on the outer corners with liquid eye liner. I took the tip of these flicks and drew a line diagonally across my lid right into the inner corner before filling in the resulting triangular shape completely in black. I extended the line down towards the bridge of my nose and then took the liquid eye liner underneath my eye, again extending the inner line down towards my nose, parallel to the line above (being careful to leave a slight gap between the two). I added two more smaller flicks on the outer corners and set it with black eye shadow. I added some metallic silver eye shadow to the inner corners and lightly above the thick liner and blended with a fluffy brush. I then applied plenty of very black mascara and added a pair of short thick false lashes too.

For the lips I used some face paint as I didn't quite have the right shade of lipstick. I mixed red and black for a burgundy colour, lining my lips with this and then mixing a lighter colour to fill in the rest before adding some purple tinted lip gloss.

I decided that to finish the look, I would try and add a couple of piercings - or rather, some paint to create what looked like piercings! For this I dotted two very small black circles to the left above my lip and then in the middle underneath my lips on my chin. I then added a small white/grey dot over (half) the top of the black dots to look like a silver stud with a shadow. To give them more of a realistic look, I used a darker concealer to paint a slight semi-circle around the dots and smudge a little to make it look as though my skin was slightly raised where the piercings are.

This was a really cool look and I was pretty ready to hit a gig of some sort once done. Perhaps I should make the piercings a permanent feature...what do you reckon!? :P

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Amazing. I now look forward to seeing your latest blog entry each week :)

    1. So glad you like it! It means so much :) Let me know if you have any requests! JLM xxx