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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The tracks of my tears...

Hi there!

I was up pretty early today feeling inspired so decided to create a new look (One of two that I have done already today - makeup marathon!) Again it's pretty dark but I was really happy with the end result.

I'd seen someone create some latex black tears online and it was really effective, so I decided to do something similar, but by just using makeup.

I used a very pale foundation and then set it with white powder. I used a light grey shadow and brown blush to contour my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose, under my jawline, on my temples and in my eye creases/sockets. Because I wanted it to look creepy I exaggerated this more then usual to give a more gaunt and chilling feel and then painted in my eyebrows with black paint.

To get the teardrop effect, I used a fine paint brush and loaded it up with lots of water after dipping it into black paint. I then packed this on to the lower lash line enough to create teardrops which naturally ran down my face. I painted in some more and covered my eyelids with black eyeshadow and smudged in, adding lots of black mascara.

For the lips, I used a vibrant red lipstick and smudged the bottom lip colour down onto my chin with my forefinger. I added some fake blood to the bottom lip and let it drip down in natural droplets as with the eyes. I put some red paint onto a bristle brush and flicked it onto my chin to look like blood splatter (mmhmm!)

Originally this is as far as I was going to go with the look, but I decided I wanted to make it that little bit more freaky (of course) and add fake blood droplets to under the eyes also. I threw on some more black using the same splatter technique I used with the lips and then finished off by added blackout contacts.

I'm not entirely sure what you would call this exactly, but it's a little like a zombie/corpse/possessed bride/starlet. However you may describe it, I liked it!

Let me know if you do too! :)


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