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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Respect your elders

Hey hey!

I've had this look in mind for a long time now but just hadn't got around to doing it, most probably because I was absolutely terrified by how I would look by the end of it! However, I finally caved and decided to face my fears and try this out today. So here it is, everybody, meet nanny Jade...

I used minimal products for this as the technique is predominantly based on adding shadows and highlighting to change the shape of the face and create the illusion of wrinkles/creases etc., so the only things I used were a very light concealer, a darker concealer, a clean foundation sponge and talc powder.

I saw a very clever technique online which I used mainly for my eyes - or rather "crows feet"! For this I used darker concealer and dabbed it around the outer corners of my eye and blended. Using the very light concealer, I smiled a super large smile and then dabbed this over the top. When you relax your face, the natural creases are still left dark and voila! you have yourself some wrinkles! I also did this same trick on my forehead and between my brows and lips. Once you have these natural wrinkles, you can use a fine brush to go over them again to emphasise them - the darker the colour, the deeper the wrinkles appear.

It is important to then blend this, avoiding overly cartoon-like wrinkles and to give a more natural look. I used a light brown/grey shadow to contour my cheeks and neck, making me look more drawn and thinner. I then continued to contour bags under my eyes and lines around my mouth.


I used talc powder on my brows and hair to look make it look grey and sat staring into the future. Scary stuff. If it's taught me anything - besides to moisturise more - it's to make the most of every day, I hate to sound like a 15 year old cheerleader, but you really do only live once...

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I saw this really pretty old woman who was very old and very skinny and got curious. Holy moly! This is brilliant stuff! You're extremely gifted. :)