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Saturday, 11 May 2013

It's important to floss


Okay - I really hope no one reading this is heavily pregnant, has a heart condition or is a total wuss because this is the scariest look I've done yet! The warning sign is there so I can't be sued...

I finally got some coloured contact lenses and was desperate to try them out. I loved how they really finished off the look and just wished I'd got them sooner to use in some of my earlier looks. I'd never put contacts in before so for me, that was probably scarier than the finished article! Luckily I'm fine touching my eyes so I got there in the end. I ordered white, black and red ones from FourEyez.com and I'm already excited to try more - they have a huge number of designs and my order came very quickly.

Back to the face. I saw a look very similar to this online and after my clown face with the super-sized toothy mouth freaked so many people out, I decided to try it again (Muwahahaaa!) I love the illusion it gives by concealing your real mouth, it completely transforms the human face by being so unnatural, and I love anything that is able to do that.

I started by putting my white cream paint all over my face and neck to make my skin really pale. I used my white eyeliner to really whiten all of my eyes and also sketch the outline of the mouth. I followed the line of the top of my real lips but took the bottom much lower onto my chin to make it much larger and sketched in the teeth. I used "tease" from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and a fluffy brush in the crease of my eyes and underneath, avoiding going up to the lash line. I used this to heavily contour also, making a strong cheekbone line, adding around my hairline and making my nose much harsher/slimmer by brushing along the sides and blending out. I added a touch of bright red/pink shadow to the underneath to add another dimension too. I outlined the brows with a black eyeliner, making them just thicker than my own with a point on the start and arch, extending them much further down at the ends and then filled them in with black paint.

I spent the most time on the mouth, filling in the centre with black paint, teeth with white and lips with a dark red. To keep the teeth super sharp, I used my finest brushes. It's easier to paint the teeth large than you would maybe like and then paint around with black. They always appear smaller once the black is added and it means you can go around them again to get a really straight line/good point and not worry too much about them becoming too small.

I finished the look by putting in my white-out lenses. This was a fairly simple makeup look to do but I was really impressed by how much it transformed my face. My mum had a sore throat the day after me doing this as she screamed so much when I showed her - mission accomplished ;)

If you are still reading and got this far, bravo for the bravery!

Until next time m'dears...! JLM x

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