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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Makeup memoir of a geisha...

ヒスイ (Apparently that is Jade in Japanese - I sure hope it is. Apologies if it is anything offensive, do let me know if it is before I get my tattoo...)

East Asian culture is beautiful, the detail in their clothing, architecture and art is so detailed. I've never had the pleasure of visiting, but it's definitely on my "places I have to go before I die" list. The "geisha" look is a globally recognised one and I had a fair few requests for it. I love the very elegant, classic geisha look (right) but I decided to exaggerate the separate elements and make it a little more dramatic. So here is my oriental inspired interpretation...

I started with cream makeup in white, sponging it all over my face, to the hairline and down onto my neck. I had to use my white face paint to go over my brows, disguising them as best possible. I then used black paint with a super fine brush to outline the new dramatic brows and line the top lash line, with an over-exaggerated winged look. I continued to fill in these "flicks" and took the line right into the inner corner and down towards my nose, giving that elegant oriental look. I filled in the brows, neatening the lines with some white paint and another fine brush. For the shadow, I used a really bright red/pink from my MUA palette, taking the powder from the inner corner right up to my natural brow and swept out towards my temples/hairline. I applied very light bright pink busher to my cheeks and red lipstick to the very centre of my lips, avoiding the outer corners. I finished it all off with some false lashes and a couple of upside-down paint brushes in my bun! :)

I liked how this came out (despite annoyingly not having any of the elegant, petite features of a Japanese woman - my features are a little too bulbous!) and would love to try another East Asian inspired look soon, perhaps with some more authentic head wear!

Thanks for reading :)

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