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Monday, 6 May 2013

What a rip off...

Good day!

I hope you all love blood, guts and gore as much as I do (not in a creepy murdery way, hopefully...) because today I decided that I hadn't made enough use of my fake blood and derma wax. And what better way to make use of it than by making part of my face look like it had been ripped!? An extremely genius and attractive thought, I know...

I love doing all sorts of movie/theatrical makeup looks (surprise!) but I can't deny that the gruesome ones really are the most fun. I'd seen a few special effects online where it looks like half of your mouth has been torn off and the teeth are therefore exposed. It's really effective and most importantly, pretty darn grim, so I decided to give it a go.

I had watched one technique where tissue and glue was used but I thought I'd use my derma wax to give the look of skin/flesh having been peeled away (plus the only glue I could find was super glue). I started by roughly sketching where the teeth would show with a white eyeliner, following the natural line of my jaw. I then rolled out balls of the wax into long sausage like pieces and placed them from the middle of my top and bottom lips and round the sketch to the back teeth. 

I moulded the edges to smooth out using moisturiser. I lifted the inner parts away from my skin to give the effect of skin peeling away and blended the outer wax edges into my skin more with some concealer. 

I painted in the teeth and mixed purply reds to fill in where the gums and flash would be. I added darker red where the wax joined my skin to give it greater depth and a 3D effect. I built this up a little, adding a red grey  in between the teeth and on the tips of the peeled away wax. I finished it off by piling on lots of yummy fake blood, dragging some above and below the wax and then just adding a bit more - you can never use enough fake blood apparently :)

Hope you like it and didn't stumble across this whilst eating...

Thanks for reading!

(p.s Here's another close-up, just in case you hadn't seen enough already - you're welcome...)

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