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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dot to dot to dot to dot...

My latest makeup experiment was inspired by the widely renowned artist Roy Lichtenstein. I had seen a number of interpretations online and loved how different it was. The look is achieved by the repetitive application of primary colour dots all over the face with thick black lines to create the shadows. I hadn't done anything like this before and was excited by a different challenge.

I particularly loved the sculpture "Head with blue shadow" created in 1965 (above on the right) as it had even more colour than the typical iconic one colour images seen (above on the left).

I started with a white painted base and sketched on where the shadows would sit with a black khol eyeliner. because the eyebrows are quite high, I painted heavily over my own brows to blend them into my skin and draw on the others higher up. Once I was happy with the outlines, I used a cotton bud to dip into red face paint and began adding the dots to the left of my face and then did the same to the right of my face with blue face paint. I then filled in all of the shadows with black face paint, using a fine brush to keep the lines very neat to give that cartoon-like effect. I used a white eyeliner on my waterline and to white-out my lashes. I finished the look with bright red bottom lip and white to highlight and some thick false eyelashes.

I really loved this look and thought that the outcome was great. I couldn't believe how effective it was with such a simple technique, though the eyelids were certainly the trickiest. Topped off with a bright yellow wig, this look would have fully embodied the pop art look!


  1. This is amazing!! - so talented!
    I'm a photographer - we should work together


    1. Thank you Holly! Amazing - I will check out your site! :) x