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Monday, 25 March 2013

Swinging 60's...

After recreating my 50’s look, I started to look into the statement makeup looks of other iconic eras. Another style that has always intrigued me and stood out is that of the 1960’s. It’s such a distinctive and instantly recognisable look that I couldn't help but try it out. As Twiggy was such a stand out figure of the decade, I based my drawn on lower lashes and super sized false lashes on images of her.

For this look the eyes are the hero feature, exaggerated with huge lashes and thick black liner in the crease of the eye and the lash line. I used a light foundation and powder for the base and a light pink blush for the cheeks. To achieve the black line in the crease of the eye I used my fine Grimas brush and black paint. I created a winged line on the lash line and brought to up at the end to meet the line from the crease. Using the same brush and paint, I drew the straight fine lines underneath my lower lashes to recreate the iconic 60’s bottom lashes, starting longer and getting shorter towards the inner corner of the eye.

Quite a few of the images I found had very light metallics/highlighters under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes so I used a white shimmer shadow to replicate this. To achieve the colossal lashes, I used two pairs of false eyelashes - one finer and longer/winged pair and another thicker and shorter pair. I finished this look off with a quick beehive quiff and pale lips to keep the focus on the eyes and voila!..enter Austin Powers baby yeah!

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