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Saturday, 30 March 2013

What are you staring at?

I wasn't sure what look to do this weekend so I ended up improvising a bit! I was swaying more towards recreating one of Tim Burton's characters just because I love everything that he does and his films always look so atmospheric and fantastical. Edward Scissorhands was one of my favourite films when I was a child and I'm keen to trial the look but want to get some latex first to really do it justice (*note to self to order some today).


I had then started looking at some of the Sally from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" makeup looks online which, being another Tim Burton masterpiece, is a brilliant look to try and mimic. I decided I would save this for when I had a little more time and just do a similar spooky doll-like look. It turned out that I got a little carried away and could have just done the Sally look after all, but I like to think this was inspired by it anyway!

I had seen a few different takes of the "creepy doll" online (one example above) and also used some of these techniques for the look. I took different traits from the various executions to make my own one and this was the outcome. It's a really creepy look so I had fun jumping out at my family!

I started by applying a base of white paint (after moisturising/priming) all over my face to the hairline and down my neck. This paint (Grimas) is good but it doesn't go on very evenly and can actually dry too quickly. It's very reasonably priced so is great for the money but I think I'm going to invest in a more expensive brand soon (any recommendations welcome!). I then added even more white to completely cover my eyebrows so I could draw on some new, higher ones to give that exaggerated, non-human quality. I sketched these brows on with a khol black eyeliner and also sketched the outline of the lips (similar to those seen on the Queen of Heart in Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" above) and the stitches coming from them up towards the ear (seen on Sally in "A Nightmare Before Christmas" also above). I did this horizontally across the base of my neck and also followed the natural hollows under my eyes to create the new lower lash line. This is a great way of enlarging your eyes which is perfect for creating that staring doll-like effect.

I went over these sketched lines with a fine brush and some black paint and added some baby pink blushes to my cheeks. I painted my lips (the area drawn out) with a deep red and added some contouring to my cheeks with a very light grey. I then drew on some lashes to the new lower lash line drawn and then dotted on some freckles. To finish the look I stuck on some super-sized false lashes to both the top and new bottom lower lash lines and tied my hair into high bunches (flashback to being 6!)

I was amazed at how such simple effects like these can completely change your face and was freaked out by how much this didn't look like me when I looked in the mirror. I will definitely be using these techniques in more looks going forward and will be experimenting with new ones... so many possibilities!

(Caption: Jade was curious about how her blind date would go and hoped that she hadn't put too much blush on...)

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